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Foundation Repair Experts Serving Amarillo, TX 

Are you noticing problems with your foundation like uneven/sloping floors, floor cracks, and exterior wall cracks? These can all be signs of major foundation repair issues that need to be addressed immediately before they can pose a serious risk to you and your home. Luckily, Legacy Supportworks offers just the solutions that you need to stabilize your foundations and prevent further degradation. We can send our talented and experienced foundation repair team over immediately to inspect your home and diagnose the problem before finding a solution that will be ideal for you and your home.

As a thoroughly trained Supportworks dealer of Amarillo,TX we offer a variety foundation repair solutions including:

  • Wall anchors
  • Foundation piers
  • Slab piers
  • Crawl space jack posts

Fast & Affordable Concrete Leveling Services

PolyLevel® is an efficient, new way to raise and level settling concrete. You no longer have to suffer from unsightly and unsafe concrete near or around your home. Our concrete leveling experts can restore your concrete rather than re-pouring it, which will make the surface safe and usable again. PolyLevel® is also less disruptive than mud jacking with results that are permanent.

We don't want you to suffer from damaged concrete, and we don't want you to spend the time and money replacing it. With PolyLevel®, we can give you a concrete surface that looks brand new and will endure all the stress of daily traffic and activity.

PolyLevel® can fix a number of things:

  • Cracked or uneven driveways
  • Uneven walkways and sidewalks
  • Cracked patios
  • Sunken stoops and stairs
  • And much, much more!

Concrete Crack Repair Solutions

Cracked concrete not only lowers the image and value of your Amarillo, TX property, but it also makes your slabs susceptible to moisture infiltration. As moisture seeps into the soil, causing it to soften or even wash away, the slab will settle and become uneven.

With the concrete crack repair solution from NexusPro, we offer a silicone-based sealant for joints and cracks that was formulated to render long-lasting elasticity that won't weather over time. 

NexusPro advantages:

  • Resistant UV rays
  • Resistant to weather
  • Will not crack, bubble, or dry out
  • Affective with just one coat
  • Quick-installation & quick curing
  • And more!

SealantPro® Concrete Sealing

Regardless if your steps, walkways, pool decks, patios, or other concrete structures are brand new or older, Legacy Supportworks has a concrete sealing solution that can extend its life by 3 to 5 times in Amarillo, TX.

SealantPro® is designed to bond with concrete at a molecular level, guarding it against water, dirt, and other liquids and debris to provide long-lasting, durable protection in just one coat. 

SealantPro® advantages:

  • Permanent protection in just one coat
  • Extends concrete life by 3 to 5 times
  • Penetrates the surface & permanently bonds with it
  • Guards against oil, gasoline, other liquids & debris
  • Can be applied on new or existing concrete
  • And more!

Trusted Crawl Space Repair Contractor Serving Amarillo

Crawl spaces tend to be a neglected part of the home. All too often they are dumping grounds for residue left over from initial construction. However, a bad crawlspace can have negative consequences for the rest of your home. That's why we offer a variety of quality crawl space repair solutions so you and your family can have peace of mind.

We are proud to offer Amarillo residents:

  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Vapor Barriers
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Crawl space winterization
  • Energy efficient dehumidifiers

Reliable Basement Waterproofing

Water in the basement. No homeowner likes to hear that phrase. However, there's no need to panic. The experts at Legacy Supportworks know just how to take care of your basement waterproofing problems. Whether you have water in the basement right now or are simply worried about it in the future, our experts can help.

Don't wait until the leak has caused other serious problems like mold, deal with it immediately. We offer a variety of waterproofing solutions including:

  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Doorway drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Waterproof wall and floor products
  • Wall and floor crack repairs
  • Water heater flood protection
  • Frozen discharge line prevention

Do you have a crawl space in need or repair, a basement that needs waterproofing, or a foundation which needs to be leveled? Don't hesitate! Contact the experts at Legacy Supportworks today to schedule your free estimate and learn more!

Before and After Pictures from Amarillo

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The back section of this pool deck was sinking 3 inches and creating a tripping hazard. It had even created a large gap between the sections of concrete. 

Our crew lifted it back into place and filled the large gap with concrete. 

Case Studies From Amarillo

Lifting the Interior Slab of a Church in Amarillo, TX


The interior slab of a church was sinking and had large voids underneath. The area consisted of 2 Sunday School Rooms and a hallway. As a result,...

Job Stories From Amarillo, TX

The customer called with an emergency job that needed to be completed. We were able to send out a professional crew to complete core drilling in the slab for soil samples. The customer raved about how our crew was on time, efficient, and clean! 

Kohl's - Photo 1Kohl's - Photo 2Kohl's - Photo 3
Concrete Protection System - Amarillo, TX

Mr Howe contacted Legacy Supportwowrks for possible erosion issues with his driveway. After looking at his concern, our specialist and the customer decided the concrete protection system would be the best solution. This protection package is a three step process. First using our patented PolyLevel to stabilize the concrete, next using NexusPro to seal the joints and lastly using SealantPro to protect the concrete from any future erosion. 

The concrete protection system is a great preventative option that will help from any future concrete issues such as erosion, or unlevling. 

Raising a Front Porch Stoop in Amarillo, TX

This home in the Wolflin neighborhood in Amarillo had a front porch stoop that was sinking about 2 inches. The owners had added sealant to help hide the gap and sinking.

Our crew removed the old caulking agent and lifted the front porch stoop back to its original position. They then resealed the joint between the stoop and the house/front door. While they were there they also smoothed out and area of sidewalk that was cracking and eroding. 

Raising a Front Porch Stoop in Amarillo, TX - Photo 1Raising a Front Porch Stoop in Amarillo, TX - Photo 2Raising a Front Porch Stoop in Amarillo, TX - Photo 3Raising a Front Porch Stoop in Amarillo, TX - Photo 4
Foundation Repair and Waterproofing a Sunken Living Room in Amarillo, TX

Issue: Mr. Clayton called us out because the corner of his home was sinking. In fact, the window brick ledge had broken and a large gap had developed between the window and the brick. When the Specialist arrived, he noticed that the living room carpet was also pulled back from the same corner of the sunken living room. Because of this settlement, water had begun seeping into the sunken living room from the window and near the footer of the slab. 

Solution: The Specialist determined that the homeowner needed a few galvanized push piers to lift the exterior corner of the house and that waterproofing would stop the moisture from entering the sunken living room. The crew installed the push piers and lifted the home back into near original condition. While the dirt was excavated, they applied a waterproofing membrane to both the interior and exterior concrete of the sunken living room. The very next day after the membrane was applied and still excavated/exposed to weather elements, it rained very hard. The excavated holes were filled with water but NOW the sunken living room remained dry!

Results:The home was lifted, the brick and the gap near the window were closed and any remaining cracks were filled. The sunken living room now remains dry and the family was able to get new flooring in their living room!


Foundation Repair and Waterproofing a Sunken Living Room in Amarillo, TX - Photo 1Foundation Repair and Waterproofing a Sunken Living Room in Amarillo, TX - Photo 2Foundation Repair and Waterproofing a Sunken Living Room in Amarillo, TX - Photo 3
Creative Solutions for Foundation Repair for an Enclosed Patio in Amarillo, TX

Background: This home had an original patio on the back of the house for many years. The previous homeowners decided to close in the patio and create more square footage. 

Current: The now current homeowners started noticing cracks in the concrete and the back of the room was lower than the front. The homeowner was very concerned about needing foundation repair. After a thorough inspection, our Specialist realized that the now enclosed patio did not have a footer and the sheer weight of the roof, brick, etc. was too heavy for the slab without a footer. 

Our Solution: Being that the homeowner wanted new brick, our Production Crew removed the brick from the enclosed patio and removed existing sidewalks around the area. They then lifted and stabilized the entire room with our patented PolyLevel. To add even more stabilization and to create a solid foundation, our crew then dug out under and around the exterior to pour and create a new footer. (that was missing in the first place). Afterward, the crew poured new sidewalks around the enclosed patio. 

The homeowner was very happy that they could lay new hardwood floors and not worry about future settlement. We are happy that we could provide a create yet superior solution for sinking concrete and foundation repair!

Creative Solutions for Foundation Repair for an Enclosed Patio in Amarillo, TX - Photo 1Creative Solutions for Foundation Repair for an Enclosed Patio in Amarillo, TX - Photo 2Creative Solutions for Foundation Repair for an Enclosed Patio in Amarillo, TX - Photo 3
Concrete Repair of a Gladstone Grouted Patio in Amarillo, TX

Mike W. had a Gladstone patio that was laid in concrete and grouted together. Three sides were surrounded by house. The 50 foot side against the house was sinking 2-3 inches and allowed water to stand and drain under the house.

As we began concrete repair on the slab, we realized that rebar had not been used to reinforce the concrete. The concrete began lifting in sections instead of a solid slab. With precision lifts, the crew worked the "puzzle" of concrete and gladstone, being careful to work between the stone and not break any of it, until the concrete was once again the same level and raised 2-3 inches near the house. The joints near the home were then sealed so that water could not drain under the house. 

The very next day after the lift, it rained 1/2" in Amarillo. The "after" photo was within 15 minutes after it stopped raining. Now water drains away from the house and standing water is no longer an issue.

Concrete Repair of a Gladstone Grouted Patio in Amarillo, TX - Photo 1
Work Requests From Amarillo, TX
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Foundation crack parallel to a front window. Foundation crack in kitchen.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Low spot in yard that frequently floods from rain
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Need a quote on concrete lifting and driveway repair.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Hi i purchased a house from a builder 2 years ago and i believe i am having foundation problems. The builder said its probably just settling but i really need a second opinion
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Horizontal crack in concrete garage floor corner
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
I would like an estimate on leveling my front sidewalk.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
We've noticed interior wall cracks that have slowly become worse over time in our home and we want to assess if action should be taken to prevent further damage. There is minor looking exterior shifting in the bricks/grout which may be another symptom of foundation issue. The majority of the house is pier and beam; this section is newer and part of it is on a foundational slab.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Needing a quote for foundation repair for 3 separate parts of the house. Master bedroom, garage, 2nd living area.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
I am requesting a free estimate on my crawl space. I can see that it is dipping some between my living room and kitchen area. I would like to get an idea how much it would cost me and what all is involved.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Living floor sloped and sagging in small area
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Suspect have a foundation issue needing addressed, would like an expert opinion.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Pier and beam foundation settling - need to know if new cracks are concerning and establish base line.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Foundation issues
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Would like to gather information and have a visit in the coming days / weeks for an evaluation and estimate. Thank you.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
House interior walls have cracks in drywall floor uneven and doors are uneven. Concern is I don't want the house to collapse on me
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Large cracks in brick siding and some interior cracks of sheetrock and tile.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Need an estimate for a foundation repair.
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Foundation settling and sinking
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Project Location: Amarillo, TX
We've had some cracks on the walls by the front door and I'm a little worried it could be foundation problem we've only lived here 3 years and don't know if it's a problem that was already there it kinda looks like it was already filled once.
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