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Foundation Repair Experts Serving Borger, TX

Are you noticing uneven/sloping floors, floor cracks, and exterior wall cracks? There is a very good chance you have major foundation issues that need to be addressed immediately before they can pose a serious risk to you and your home. Luckily Legacy Supportworks offers reliable foundation repair solutions that you need to stabilize your foundations and prevent further degradation. Our talented and experienced team can inspect your home and diagnose the problem before finding a solution that will be ideal for both you and your home.

As a Supportworks dealer of Borger,TX we offer a variety foundation repair solutions including:

  • Wall anchors
  • Foundation piers
  • Slab piers
  • Crawl space jack posts

Fast & Reliable Concrete Leveling Services

Setting and sinking concrete is a major problem and most solutions are inefficient or inconvenient. However, there is one exception and that is PolyLevel®. PolyLevel® is the best concrete leveling solution and Legacy Supportworks is your local PolyLevel® dealer. Rather than repour concrete, PolyLevel® lets you simply restore the concrete you already have and is nowhere near as disruptive as mud jacking.

Setting or sinking concrete no longer means that you need to have it repoured or put up with irritating mud jacking. Instead, you can count on your local PolyLevel® dealers at Legacy Supportworks. Do you need concrete leveled? Give us a call today at 1-855-410-0719 or contact us online to schedule your free estimate!

PolyLevel® can take care of:

  • Cracked or uneven driveways
  • Uneven walkways and sidewalks
  • Cracked patios
  • Sunken stoops and stairs
  • And much, much more!

NexusPro Concrete Crack Repair Solutions

Allowing cracks to worsen and persist only makes your concrete repairs more significant and expensive later on. When water infiltrates the soils beneath the slab, they become moist, soften, or even wash away, making the slab weak, unleveled, and sink into the ground. Once the concrete looks cracked and sunken in, not only does your Borger, TX property's image and value suffer but so too does its security, as those structures can cause serious injuries as a falling hazard.

Legacy Supportworks offers a concrete repair solution that seals joints and cracks with a silicone-based sealant, designed to produce long-lasting elasticity that won't be affected by weather, water, or general decay.

NexusPro advantages:

  • Resistant UV rays
  • Resistant to weather
  • Will not crack, bubble, or dry out
  • Affective with just one coat
  • Quick-installation & quick curing
  • And more!

SealantPro™ Concrete Sealing

Secure your Borger, TX property's image and value by protecting your concrete. With SealantPro from Legacy Supportworks, we can extend the life of your steps, walkways, pool decks, patios, and other concrete structures by 3 to 5 times!

SealantPro is designed to bond with concrete on a molecular level, protecting slabs from water, gasoline, oil, liquids, and other debris.

SealantPro™ advantages

  • Permanent protection in just one coat
  • Extends concrete life by 3 to 5 times
  • Penetrates the surface & permanently bonds with it
  • Guards against oil, gasoline, other liquids & debris
  • Can be applied on new or existing concrete
  • And more!

Borger's Leading Crawl Space Repair Experts

Don't neglect your crawl space like so many other homeowners. Your crawl space might seem separate from your home, but they're far more connected than you might think. Crawl space repair issues have direct consequences for the rest of your home as well.

Are you struggling with crawlspace problems? Legacy Supportworks can help. Our services include:

  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Vapor Barriers
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Crawl space winterization
  • Energy efficient dehumidifiers

High-Quality Basement Waterproofing Services 

Many common home issues like mold stem from leaks or plumbing issues. Don't set yourself up for these problems by allowing basement flooding or leaks.

Make sure your basement is waterproof with our comprehensive basement waterproofing services. We offer a variety of ways to keep your basement nice and dry. Our options include:

  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Doorway drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Waterproof wall and floor products
  • Wall and floor crack repairs
  • Water heater flood protection
  • Frozen discharge line prevention

If you need foundation repair, PolyLevel®, basement waterproofing, or crawl space services then you can rely on our team at Legacy Supportworks. We've got years of experience dealing with problems like yours. Give us a call today at 1-855-410-0719 or contact us online to schedule your free estimate in Borger, TX! 

Before and After Pictures from Borger

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These stairs at an apartment complex were sinking and pulling away from the structure. Our crew used our Polylevel foam to lift them back into place. The "exposed" foam was then sprayed with waterproof gray paint so that it looked like concrete. 

Job Stories From Borger, TX
Lifting Commercial Grade Concrete Steps in Borger, TX

We received a call from a concerned apartment manager in Borger, TX. She was concerned that some concrete steps were sinking and pulling away from the whole building. Upon inspection, the steps had pulled about 4-5" away from the building and were a falling/tripping hazard for residents. Our crew used jacks and our patented Polylevel system to lift the massive steps back into place. To do this, part of the side of the steps had to be excavated. After the stairs were lifted and the excavation was filled, part of the Polylevel was still visible. Our crew then painted the Polylevel to make it match the concrete. Now the stairs are permanently stabilized and the 4-5" inch gap was closed to within 3/4" from the wall. The fall hazard was eliminated. 

Lifting Commercial Grade Concrete Steps in Borger, TX - Photo 1Lifting Commercial Grade Concrete Steps in Borger, TX - Photo 2Lifting Commercial Grade Concrete Steps in Borger, TX - Photo 3Lifting Commercial Grade Concrete Steps in Borger, TX - Photo 4Lifting Commercial Grade Concrete Steps in Borger, TX - Photo 5Lifting Commercial Grade Concrete Steps in Borger, TX - Photo 6
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I need previous supports fixed/redone and would like your estimate for doing it
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In Borger...An add on is shifting away from the side of the house, the doors do not close and cracks are present outside with the brick.
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Interested in encapsulating the crawlspace. We recently moved in the house and there is a distinct musty odor throughout the house. It seems to be coming from the crawl space.
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I would like an estimate for foundation repair in Borger, Texas.
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I am purchasing a home and would like to make sure the sill plate is ok. My inspector did not have an issue with it but the termite inspector did. If it needs replaced i would like to know how much that would take. The home was build in 1968 and is 2112 square feet It had been treated for termites before
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Sunken concrete patio
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I have a corner of my house settling need to have leveled
Project Location: Borger, TX
My front patio is cracked and unlevel because a tree was allowed to grow too close to the house. The column holding up roof is sunken down while the other side of the cracked slab is raised. The tree has since been removed. I believe it possible to level the patio without affecting the roof over it.

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