Make My Crawlspace Clean, Useful, and Efficient???

Sunday, April 16th, 2017 by Tessa Slaydon

Does your crawlspace currently look like this? Do you even know what your crawlspace looks like?

Chances are, it's nasty, smelly, and may even have a few critters hanging out...While most homes with crawlspaces do have some venting to help with air movement, rarely is it enought to prevent the growth of mold, wood rot, and pests. Many times during inspection, we find that the floor joists aren't even touching the floors supports... It's just baffling. 

But what if it could look like THIS??? And since it was so clean... then you could use it for extra storage?

before after crawlspace


Here are 3 ways we can make your nasty crawlspace clean, useful, and efficient. 


Unsupported Floor Joists

1. First things first, if the floor joists aren't touching the floor supports those have to be addressed first. Shimming with metal or wood shims is a temporary fix that will only last a bit. Why pay for a temporary fix over and over? We lift and stabilize crawlspace floor joists with galvanized steel that is guaranteed not to settle again for 25 years. Now your floors will be solid and will stop bouncing. 

Water Leaks

2. Check for water leaks. At least 70% of crawlspace inspections in the Texas Panhandle detect a water leak in the crawlspace. Water leaks not only cause foundation issues but also cause mold and expensive water bills. 

Exposed Insulation

3. Drafty and cold floors are common with exposed crawl spaces. One of the most common DIY fixes we’ll see is when homeowners jam fiberglass insulation between the joists beneath their flooring in an attempt to block out the cold. While fiberglass insulation is a reasonable fix for drier areas - like behind drywall inside a home - it’s not a good option for crawl spaces. We can provide a crawlspace encapsulation that will make it clean and usable. 


If you’re seeing - or smelling - signs of excess moisture in your home’s crawl space or feel bouncy floors, contact us today for a free crawlspace estimate. Our products create a create a permanent solution for settlement and a complete barrier between the exposed dirt floors beneath your home, eliminating excess moisture and allergens, and protecting your home against rot, mold, mildew and pests.

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