How does a Foundation Specialist know if my house is level or unlevel?

Friday, March 9th, 2018 by Tessa Slaydon

The Legacy Supportworks System Design Specialists are trained on how to detect signs of settlement. Some of these signs include cracks in brick or cracks in walls but also include gaps around cabinets and gaps around doors and even gaps under baseboards. Other variables such as the age of the home or the presence of water may also be used to determine settlement concerns.Cracks above doors


However, the primary “measuring stick” for determining if a home has a foundation concern is to use a ZipLevel Pro 2000. The Ziplevel Pro 2000 is a high precision elevation reading device that can detect elevation changes from paper thickness to the height of a mountain without error-inducing tabulation and math. It also allows an individual (as opposed to a team) to easily and quickly read elevations with a digital sensor.

ZipLevel Pro 2000

Together, these variables along with other factors are used to “diagnose” if the settlement concerns are active movement or past movement. After a potential “timeline” for settlement is determined, the Specialist can then decide if the structure needs an immediate solution for stabilization or if the structure should be monitored for future movement only.

Lastly, if repair is recommended, our Specialists customize each project and educate homeowners on the best way to permanently stabilize the home and put it back on solid ground. 

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